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We speak fluently the urban art language.

We are the biggest public art media hub of the world brought by a series of sucessfull channels that explore the disruptive formats and the several layers of the web playground.

Our most famous case is our group given name: Instagrafite.

The number one guide for Urban Contemporary Art Fans and Collectors on Instagram, that has earned its reputation with a obsessively-curated feed and an strong audience of more than

1.1 million people.

Instagrafite is now a influential guest at major festivals and fairs and

at all world street art events. Made by people who know and are

part of the art scene.


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Instagrafite media stats

We are in more than 150 countries.

Content in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Editors from São Paulo, Mexico and London.


We reach more than 1.500.000 people.

With more than 138.000.000 of likes.

1.190.000 followers on instagram.

49.000 views per stories.

9.000 views per snap.

24.000 likes on facebook.

2.600 followers on twitter.


32.000 users per day on our blog.

4.482.600 pageviews on our blog.

960.000 unique visitors/month on our blog.

3m40s average of visit duration on our blog.

@instagrafite audience

We reach more than 1.150.000 people.

We have more than 13.000.000 of impressions per week.

We reach 978.543 people per week.






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