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education from the streets


Our methodology comes from the streets in a democratic dialog acessible to every people and to different levels of experience.


We always intend to create courses and workshops we don’t see often for a public that aims to live the truly urban art atmosphere.


We are specialized in Art Consultancy and Art Research, including Reports of the Public Art Future; and in Courses, Workshops and Lectures focused in Curation, Entrepreneurship and Urban Contemporary Art.


Unclass is also a Street Art Education Publisher, cooking for the near future Video Classes, Books and Zines.

We believe art should

be uncomplicated.

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“Instagrafite the


street art gallery”

Instagrafite was one of the selected speakers of SXSW 2014 to talk about the beauties and difficulties of the Collaborative Companies Era. To conclude the experience, Instagrafite gathered with local artists and covered murals produced in Austin. Moleskine custom-made for Instagrafite was distributed to influencers for the occasion.

Austin, Texas, USA . 2014

We were invited to talk at Path Festival 2014 about the learning experience of Instagrafite journey when the event was still at Escola São Paulo in the middle of the well known Augusta street in São Paulo.

Sao Paulo, Brazil . 2014

We partnership with the Brazilian Creative School Perestroika to create the first longest street art course of the world with 3 months of class where famous Brazilian names were invited to teach for a passionated group of students: Tinho, Speto, Binho, Ise, Chivitz & Minhau, Cranio, Nove & Arlin Mundano and Sipros. For the master class we invited Nychos, from Vienna, to come for the first time to Brasil and also to paint a mural produced by Instagrafite. The course was sponsor by Puma, Heineken and Montana Cans.

Sao Paulo, Brazil . 2014


Instagrafite was asked by Coca-Cola Company to produce a personalized workshop for Coca-Cola Marketing Team in São Paulo. The event consisted in a lecture with Instagrafite experience and learnings + a stencil workshop with all the tools for the group to learn how to paint and to be inspired. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil . 2015