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Rather than that we go deep into our projects creating real bonds with the art community.

We are a think tank that conceptualizes, curates and produces art projects connecting global iconic brands with local creative and experienced teams.

We have access to all of the artists in the world in an unlimited catalog working as mediator and as copyright management between talents and brands.

We deliver a full package service for your project: creative idea, curation, production and media (in a channel with more than 1.1 million followers).   

List of things we do:

We are not

a video-case agency.

_City Permits

_Urban Art Events

_Public Art Festivals

_Art Installations and Sculpture

_Interactive and Multimedia Art

_Site Specific Performance 

_Video Mapping

_Live Painting

_Visual Concepts

_Architectural and Residencial Decorative Design

_Branded Murals

_Digital Art or Illustration Projects for Packages, Products or Advertising Campaign

_Limited Edition or Signed Collections

_Hand Painted Outdoor Advertising

_Outdoor and Indoor Exhibitions

_Art Residencies

_Art Apps

Take a look at our portfolio.


Client: Budweiser USA

Agency: Box1824

Year: 2016

Instagrafite was invited by Box1824 Agency to curate, coordinate and manage the new Budweiser’s Customized Cans project in partnership with the Major League Baseball in the United States. The 3-months process brought together hand-selected local artists invited to create the unique, locally-inspired designs, based on their personal connection to their team’s ambitious history and team fans, featuring some of the most iconic elements of each city like the

palm trees in Los Angeles to the Gateway Arch in Budweiser’s hometown of St. Louis. The result of

the 19 locally-inspired cans to celebrate America’s MLB Hometown Spirit was embraced with join by all the Baseball American team’s fans. Featuring artists: Ricardo González aka. as It’s a living, Adam Koon, Annica Lydenberg aka Dirty Bandits, Eddie Martínez, Kubra Aslan, Alexander Vidal, Alan Rodríguez, Timothy Raines, Sam Barboza, Zack Mueller and Richard Best.

Client: Microsoft

Agency: NoBoX

Year: 2016

Cities: Sao Paulo, Bogota, Santiago e Buenos Aires


We were invited by NoBox Agency to curate, coordinate and produce the project #IniciaAlgoNuevo of Microsoft launching the new Windows 10 in Latin America. Instagrafite came up, next to NoBox Agency, with the idea to produce the First Collaborative Digital Mural ever, having 5 artists from 4 different countries brought together by Windows technology. Starting point was in October 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil with artist Nove DigitalOrgânico who designed the initial artwork 

in the mural and also in the 2 in 1 device with Windows Apps and tools. After him we went to

Bogota, Colombia where artist Ledania continued the drawing. Then Santiago, Chile with Saile and finishing with EverSiempre and Pastel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The result was 4 diverse murals in each

city digitally combined with Windows technology

in 360 experience on the project’s website.

Artmossphere Biennale Participation

Client: Artmosphere

Year: 2016

City: Moscow, Russia

We were invited to represent Latin America as one of the curators of Artmossphere Urban Art Biennale in Moscow, Russia. We brought for the ocassion Brazilian artists Paulo Ito, Alex Senna and Claudio Ethos that produced 3 outstanding installations for the russian and international public.

Client: UrbanNation

Year: 2016

City: Berlin

ProjektM10 “We Are All Connected”

We were invited by Urban Nation to participate as curators of ProjektM a series of exhibitions curated by respected and worldwide well known names of the urban art scene. Our projektM was number 10. The group show entittled “We’re All Connected” invited visitors to observe closer and with compassion their equals, to live the present-future moment and to be  

open to connect. Participant artists were: 2501 (Italy), Axel Void (USA), Faith47 (South Africa), Jaz (Argentina), Olek (Poland), Panmela Castro (Brazil), robosexi (Poland) and Speto (Brazil). At the same time we also curated a mural at OneWall project of Urban Nation with the artist Nunca of Brazil.

Client: AB InBev

Agency: Box1824

Year: 2016

City: New York

Video: Suite616

AB InBev Gallery

We were invited by Box1824 to partnership in the curation and production of ABInBev's Art Gallery inside their new Office in Chelsea, NYC, USA. To join the team of artists we invited Hyesu Lee, Ricardo Gonzales (It's a Living), Ellen Rutt, 123klan and Timothy Goodman to paint a total of 8 murals that remain at ABI's Gallery.

Created by Instagrafite e Luan Cardoso 

Curated by Instagrafite

Produced by Instagrafite, Luan Cardoso and DaTerra Cultural

City: Sao Paulo

Year: 2015

O.bra Festival

After many years of travels to Festivals, we decided to create our own Street Art Festival in São Paulo, Brasil. Entitled O O.bra (meaning piece of art and also under construction in Portuguese), the Festival took place in October 2015 featuring 10 murals of 40m high painted by duos or trios in Downtown SP. Invited artists were: Tinho + Carlos Vergara, Speto + 2501, Binho + Suiko,

Vitché + Jan Kalab, Waone + Aleksei Interesni Kazki, Jaz + Conor Harrington, Herakut + MCity. Besides

the mural we presented for the public a free program

of activities with food trucks, music concerts,

outdoor cinema, talks and workshops.

The famous American photographer Martha Cooper was also one of our guests.

Client: Jansport

Year: 2015 e 2016

Cities: Sao Paulo, San Francisco e Rio de Janeiro

Live Outside

We had a serious and passionate relationship with JanSport global team in the last years. Invited by Teak Agency of San Francisco, Instagrafite was asked to curate and produce for 2 years in a role their main global project with JanSport. In 2015 we invited artists Arlin and Nove DigitalOrgânico to paint a big mural in Vila Madalena, São Paulo. At the same year we curated

JanSport’s mural in San Francisco, inviting the female artists: Tatiana Suarez, Caratoes and Lolo YS. In 2016 we produced and curated the mural of the brand in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil inviting artists Nina Moraes, Mari Mats and Mateus Velasco. We also promoted the campaign at Instagrafite channels delivering a full package solution to this project.

Moleskine x Instagrafite x Speto

Client: Moleskine New York

Year: 2015

Instagrafite was the first urban art brand to partnership in the history of Moleskine. We collaborated deverling a curation of a custom-made notebook inviting Brazilian Artist Speto to participate in the project.

The special Notebooks were for sale at Moleskine website and were used to be distributate for influencers at SXSW 2014 in Austin, USA.

Client: Absolut

Agency: LiveAd

Year: 2015

Ben & Jerry's Brazilian Opening

We were asked by LiveAD Agency to curate and produce the walls of the new and first Ben&Jerry’s establishment in São Paulo, in Brazil, located at famous Oscar Freire Street. Based on the brand culture and iconic figures, we invited the Brazilian Artist Milo Tchais to paint the murals, the result was welcomed by the owners, team and community.

Client: Absolut


Year: 2015

Transform Your City

We were hired by Fbiz Agency to curate and produce the project Transform Your City by Absolut that consisted in connect public artists with active urban collectives of São Paulo to impact the 4 areas of the city: North Zone, South Zone, West and East Zone. We invited each artist to understand the necessities of each area and to bring creative solutions through the inspiration from each collective. Collectives were Bijari, Selvagem. Participant artists were: Rodrigo Branco, Rodrigo Machado, TEC, Derlon, Thiago Goms and Coletivo 6eMeia

Red Bull Canvas Cooler

Client: RedBull

Year: 2014


We were invited by Red Bull to curate and produce the Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler worldwide project in Brazil. We connected 12 Brazilian artists based in São Paulo with 10 nightclubs related to their personality and style. Participant artists were: Flip, Nando Sperb, Mari Mats, Enivo, Rafael Sliks, GG Sustos, Rodrigo Branco, Rien, Saci, Celo Pax, Marina Zumi and Mateus Bailon.

Bicicleta Sem Freio Mural

Agency: DoArt

Year: 2014


We curated for DoArt Foundation a mural in Los Angeles, United States inviting the Brazilian duo (in that time trio) Bicicleta Sem Freio to create their first large mural of their artistic career.

Nou x Instagrafite x KingCap

Agency: King Cap

Year: 2013

Filme: Trivela Collective

We partnership with Nou Brazilian Spray Cans and King Cap to create the first cobranding spray can between a Paint Company and a Media Brand.