Instagrafite LLC, 2017 All Rights Reserved.

Instagrafite is owned and

run by 2 passionate partners that turn to be also a couple:
Marina Bortoluzzi

and Marcelo Pimentel.

Instagrafite was founded unpretentiously and for fun

in 2011 on Instagram.

After 6 years, 1 million followers, many travels, projects and experience around the globe, the simple Instagram account is now the world’s largest independent group focused in Urban Contemporary Art projects and its all possibilities with a global-local team created on demand in a special custom-made work style we are proud to embrace. 

We have teams to work for you in Brazil and Latin America, Mexico, Canada, USA, Europe and Australia.


  • Speakers at SXSW 2014 • Austin, TX, USA

  • Speakers at Festival Path 2014 • São Paulo, Brazil

  • Speakers at ArtRua 2013 • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Curators at ArtRua 2014 invinting the artists: Seth Globepainter, The London Police, Ana Marietta, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Ramon Martins, Rodrigo Branco and Toz • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Curators and Creators of RUA 2015, street art course at Perestroika • São Paulo, Brazil

  • Speakers at Creative Mornings SP 2015 • São Paulo, Brazil

  • Curators and Founders of O.bra Festival 2015 inviting artists to work as a duo: Inti + Alexis Diaz, Jaz + Conor Harrington, Waone + Aleksei of Interesni Kazki, Herakut + MCity, Speto + 2501, Tinho + Carlos Vergara, Vitché + Jan Kalab, Binho + Suiko  • São Paulo, Brazil

  • Curators at ABI’s Gallery 2016 • Chelsea, NYC, USA

  • Curators of “We Are All Connected” #ProjektM10 Exhibition and #OneWall project at Urban Nation in 2016 with artists Faith47, Olek and Robosexi, Jaz, Axel Void, 2501, Nunca, Speto and Panmela Castro • Berlin, Germany

  • One of the Curators of Artmossphere Biennale 2016 bringing the Brazilian Artists Alex Senna, Claudio Ethos  and Paulo Ito • Moscow, Russia

  • One of the Curators of Urban Nation Museum of Urban Contemporary Art opening in Sep. 2017 • Berlin, Germany

We only work in projects we truly believe.

We already teamed up with respected brands like